Parent's Testimony

When we wanted to enroll our elder son Lakira back in 2010, we did a bit of a research to find out the best pre-school around our area. We would have considered more than ten different options at that time. On a recommendation of a friend of mine, me and my husband visited Little Stars, Kapuwatta.

We were very particular about one thing - we were looking for a home away from home. It was the first time we had to leave the child away from me. Although it was for few hours, being our first child, we were very concerned and worried. A safe, caring place filled with love was what we were dreaming for.

After almost 6 years I remember every bit of our first encounter with Little Starts.

As we entered the premises, our ears were filled with a soothing piano music with children’s singing from a distant. We uninvitedly peeped in to the set of classes downstairs. First thing which caught our eyes were the little gadgets and stuff - the educational toys! The teachers were very enthusiastic and loving in handling the kids and the kids were just having fun in their own little worlds. The place was clean, tidy and peaceful. That was more than a great first impression to have.

With this in mind, we went to the office and wanted to have a brief chat with the person who is behind this interesting place. After a while we had a chat with the founding Directress, Mrs. Jayamaha. The little she spoke about her vision and the concept in pre-schooling reassured our first impression. Six years down the line, we don’t hesitate to vouch that all what we saw and were told are not fairy tales but realities.

We came out with a sigh of relief that we have found even a better place than we were actually looking for. The best we could think of.

Since then it has been nothing but a journey of its own.

In 2014 we enrolled our 2nd son, Laviru when he was 2 & 1/2 years old.

Although it was by accident that my elder son was assigned to aunty Farah’s class, we requested her for our 2nd child Laviru. The attention and the caring she shows to the kids are amazing. We still remember how she carried them like her own sons in the first few weeks when the kids were crying.

Over the years, we are more than convinced that it’s the same vision and the concept Mrs. Jayamaha has, which had been inculcated to all the teachers. It is something which is within every teacher at Little Stars naturally.

Little Stars stands out as a unique institute. It is quite different to the other preschools we know of. I feel so blessed when I hear about the other preschools from my friends and neighbors. Some preschools teach the kids letters and numbers so early and even one school has IT as a subject. This is where at times people misunderstand preschool learning.

Instead, Little Stars gift the kids a whole bunch of activities and adventure. I personally think it’s important to educate our kids without spoiling their playful childhood and that’s what they have been doing best. The activities lay the foundation of a lifelong learning process. Pre-schooling, should only be a mental and physical stimulator.

I believe our children should have a complete childhood growth – physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and academically. We have personally witnessed how our kids were exposed to these.

Different kinds of activities like, playing with shapes, drawing, singing, dancing, Karate and whole lot of other activities help the kids’ childhood mental and physical growth.

The events which they celebrate like, Sinhala and Tamil New year, Christmas, Vesak, mothers' day, fathers' day, teachers’ day, Independence day, food preparation day and etc make them understand the social and true cultural values of Sri Lanka. These are the stepping stones for a lifelong exposure to develop them socially.

The outings like visiting the Zoo expose them to nature. The events like participating in British Festival of Music and etc make them all-rounders with great personalities.

Practicing religious rituals based on one’s religion make them discipline and spiritually attached.

After a successful sting of pre-schooling both sons were selected to St. Joseph’s Maradana. Now Lakira, our elder son is in grade 4 and he is doing his studies very well with minimum effort. He does Swimming, Cricket and Squash at school and he is in the college Choir. He loves playing Chess. Continues his Karate lessons as a yellow belter. He says he one day wants to work for NASA.

Laviru our second son is awaiting the Little Stars graduation in December so thrilled to start schooling in 2017. He has already started swimming at St. Joseph’s and does Karate. He has developed a great and a balanced personality and awaits his school life so fondly


With much gratitude, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Jayamaha, Mrs. Farah Morso Amit, Ms. Tehani Hansamali, Karate Master – Mr. Sumith Dassanayake, Music Teachers, Dancing teacher and each and every teacher at Little Stars. Let us also not forget the kind and ever prepared army of other assistants.

Having a chain of schools which are conveniently located in Kapuwatta, Wattala, Negombo and Katunayake is a blessing for all who are living in this area. Their Day Care facilities are a fabulous value add to the whole experience. We don’t hesitate to recommend Little Stars to anyone who is looking for a meaningful childhood learning.

Little Stars have laid the first and most important foundation for our kids to take on the world and we are so grateful for same.

We wish best of luck, success and God’s blessings to Mrs. Jayamaha and the teachers to provide this fantastic pre-schooling experience to much more children in the future.

Wish you a Blessed and a Merry Christmas and a successful year 2017!

With love and regards,

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Let the first step be the best step...

Little stars Montessori has been a brightly shining star for the last 32 years in Negobmo, Katunayake, Kapuwatte and Wattala. As a qualified teacher I know the best basic education system is AMI as it will improve the Childs concentration, reading, writing and listening ability right through in their journey of education and Little stars is the only Montessori which strictly follows the AMI system with only AMI qualified teachers.

The knowledge, concentration power, behaviour, disciplines and attitude my children have gained at little stars is tremendous and I still reap the benefit of it. My husband and I never had second thoughts or confusion in selecting the best for our older daughter Amritha in 2009, since the first visit to Little Stars Montessori impressed us so much -the atmosphere, performance of the children with the materials, the discipline and absolute quietness. I never thought a Montessori with so many children can be so quiet and their children can be busy with the materials. We enrolled our younger daughter Akshitha in 2012 without any hesitation and will always recommend LSM to all the parents who are concerned about their child future.

The talent and ability at LSM is exposed to the world in many forms, whether it be singing, dancing, playing instruments or creativity.

I wish all the very best to you aunty Merina and Little Stars Montessori and hope you will to celebrate the golden jubilee at LSM. I congratulate all the children and the little graduates as well as the teachers and the support staff of LSM.

Mrs. Jasmin Vijayananth